The mature bond of life

When my Girlfriend left me the first feeling is to get her back by any ways. But soon I realise that I have waste such an important time of my life, for a person who was a waste of time. Now I have to rethink about my new schedule and priority as I have started with a new life. As if I am redefining my own life. This phase of life also teaches me many important lesson that a person should learn, understand and implement in life.

Among such important lessons is a “Never make someone a priority when you are just another options which can be discarded as per the need of time”. We should understand that its our life and we should make other happy but not at the cost of our own happiness and comfort. One Should don’t go out of our way and make things happen that later results in frustration and depression, that adversely affect a person and his career.

According to me, person should not go into a relationship till you are 100% sure that other person is a right person to trust on and without any force he/she will be with you for what so ever be the condition later in life as life is a bunch of roses with a sharp thorn. When a sharp thorn pinned into our life its hard to react in a normal way so think twice before a relationship.

A better half is a person who is our best friend with whom you can share each and every moment of our life with all our secret which can’t be told with our best friends also. So choosing a better half is a task and that has to be completed successfully without any compromise and flaws.

We should blend this lesson into our life for being on the safe side. Enjoy the life (-:


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