Starting from very beginning, I am from a city of Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. I have done my schooling from Bareilly itself. For my graduation I shifted to pune. With the influence of Pune, the way I use to think changed. I always want to change the way life is seen as, the normal way of thinking.

I am and always a very fun loving guy with a sweet heart who try to understand each person around him.

Right now I am working in a software firm on JavaScript platform.


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How to download torrent without Bittorrents or any other client directly on Mobile

Hi All,

I am a great lover of movies and TV series but the main problem I use to face it to download torrents. Secondly having torrent/magnet client on the system have an extra overhead especially on a mobile phone. There is few app with help download torrent but either they are not free or full of ads.

So I was searching for options and I found a website that can remotely download the torrent/magnet on the cloud up to 2 GBs. Later you can download the file with full speed download. You know, what I like about the website, It is free, secured, Ads free, easy to use and no extra apps.

Website link: https://www.seedr.cc/

Enjoy downloading. Be safe and secure.


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