Internal Monologue ‘A Helping Hand’

When something wrong is going on we usually gets a proper signal from our heart and brain that we better correct our ways or the things would be worse.

A similar type of experience is going on with me on a day. Since the start of the day I was feeling neither to work, nor to listen to music, nor to read any new things which I usually enjoying doing. I didn’t have my lunch properly. I was neither willing to enjoy during lunch hour nor to work during that time. It was something which was stopping me from inside, distracting me from my daily work. After a brief thoughts, I couldn’t figure what’s wrong is going around me. As it is said by someone “The future is unseen and unpredictable” so leaving the rest on our virtual helping hand and letting the future unfold itself on its own pace.

And from the every Next day, the thing started going against me. Firstly the project, in which I was working, was closed due to some internal problems. I want to change my development platform from Java to objective C then the company provided me with Phone Gap development tool that was the next challenging task to do.

Among all that what help me prevail is a feeling that someone is with me inside helping me out of this tedious situation. Hoping for the best and leaving the rest is a simple and fast way to over come the tensions and hardship of life. With enough courage, the time would pass and leading the best out of us and make us learn a lesson for lifetime.

Do you like it..?