use it or lose it

Sometime there you is a friend whom you think is with you forever. Whatever you do, you always think of her. Somewhere in the mind you have an impress that there is someone in other part of the country thinking about you. But you never know that person is physically or mentally not available because she had someone else in her life whom she can’t forget just like any day. Sometime talking to me as if she is a best friend of my entire life and sometimes making me so lonely that her absence haunt me.

She was my friend from long. I know her from my school time. So she was added on my Facebook also. Sometime we use to chat but frequency was quit less. It was one fine night that I had my dinner at my college mess and I received a call from her saying that she is very ill and is not able to talk properly. She had broken her tooth because she had a descent from the staircase then she is admitted to hospital. From there our talk begin shaping daily talking and taking care of her. Understanding her in a better manner and making her comfortable. From our previous talks, I was knowing that she had a BF whom she loved to deepest of her heart. But later I came to know that she had a breakup with him.


From the school time itself, I use to like her. But I never got a chance to express that in front of her. Once I made a mail ID and wrote everything from my bottom of my heart in that mail ID. I gave that ID to her and she dint accepted that ID and never opened also. Later now I got a chance to split out my heart to her. So I started making the background for all this and thought in my mind that I will be able to win the trust and love of her but on the day of confession she opened a bomb on my head that she is going back to the relationship with her previous BF and leaving me restless and unable to think anything.


Now this is the current situation that is on my head feeling to call her and say that please block me every possible place. Don’t ever think of talking to me or contacting me. Hope that is a better end to the story then to further wait and make the end to my miseries.


Happy reading. If you have any advice please comment below.

Sorry for some error in the post as I have my exam next week and I haven’t studied a single word as of now.

Now I feel relatively lighter now.